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Monday 18th 12:00pm – Staff Meeting Tuesday 19th 10:00 am – CrossNet Cell @Cafe Dusk Tarrawanna 7.00 pm – CrossNet Cell @Towradgi Beach Hotel Wednesday 20th 9:30am – PlayLife Thursday 21st 10:00am – CrossNet Cell @ 2 Doors Up Fairy Meadow 7:00pm – CrossNet Cell @ Il Mondo Wollongong Friday 22nd 1:00pm – CrossFire 4:30pm…

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The Last Mountain

One of the worst and most depressing experiences I have had happened a few years ago when I sat at the hospital bedside of a dying man. What made it one of my worst experiences was not that he was dying but that he was dying without God. Here was a man teetering on the…

Quacks, Fakes and Counterfeits 2 Timothy 3:1-9 (Martin Bragger)

Beware Of The Wolf Last Days Discern The Wolves Religious Fakes Are- Unholy Lovers Of Self Jesus Without Holiness Exploit The Vulnerable Empty Powerless Powerless Church Power That Saves The Power That Gives Gifts The Power That Enables Endurance Handbrakes No Spirit Inside Bring Bondage Block New Things Once Born Corrupt Minds Not Converted The…

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What Language Do You Think In?

For most people learning a new language is hard work involving a grinding progression through a series of stages of proficiency, a few simple words through to the point of being able to converse readily. There is however beyond that another vital stage to language proficiency. This process of ‘learning a new language’ was one…

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