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The God Who Fights Psalm 3 (Martin Bragger)

Pray Many Enemies Into A Quick Sand Attack On Faith Be Confident A Turning Point God’s Power God The General Always On Patrol Even If Surrounded The God Who Fights Rise Up O God Break Their Jaw! The ‘Joshua’ God Jesus’ Promise  

A Happy Person Is Psalm 1 (Martin Bragger)

The Road By The River Not A Happiness Formula a) Do Not wrong advice wrong crowd wrong influence b) Delight the law 24/7 a sign of a loving God c) Do! obeying Jesus’ command like a tree by the water healing ministries The Road To Perdition Signs Of The Unhappy Cannot Stand Before God A…

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Monday 28th 12:00pm – Staff Meeting 7:30pm – Leadership Team Meeting Tuesday 29th 10:00 am – CrossNet Cell @Cafe Dusk Tarrawanna 7.00 pm – CrossNet Cell @Towradgi Beach Hotel Wednesday 30th 9:30am – PlayLife Thursday 1st October 10:00am – CrossNet Cell @ 2 Doors Up Fairy Meadow 7:00pm – CrossNet Cell @ Il Mondo Wollongong…

The Power Of Love Romans 8:31-39 (Martin Bragger)

Sacrifices The Cup Jesus Drank Restores The Masterpiece All Will Stand The Image Of God The Defaced Painting The Divine Craftsman The Restoring Spirit Empowers Through Hardship What Can Separate Us? Super-victors! The Power To Overcome Surrounds The Power Of Creation God Holds On! A Crescendo Of Praise  


River Of Grace Romans 5:12-21 (Martin Bragger)

“Here I stand I can do no other” System Failure Universal Computer Failure System Crash When Sin Is King A Transfusion Of Grace Spiritually Sick Adam Infected Many Grace Overflows God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense Transforming Grace “Jesus show me the way one day at a time” Grace Justifies Grace Transforms The Gift Of Righteousness…

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