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Back To The Celts For Our Future

In 563 AD an Irish prince set out with a bunch of friends in small coracles to cross the Irish Sea to the wild west coast and islands of what now is Scotland. The purpose of the dangerous journey was mission, to take the gospel to the fierce pagan tribes of Scotland. He and his…

Chosen! Ephesians 1:1-14 (Martin Bragger)

Overflowing Grace Blessings A ‘Five Dimensional’ Life Chosen No Merit Before Creation Blameless Adopted Redeemed A Glorious Purpose God’s Endgame For His Purpose Reason We Exist A Glorious Destiny Branded How To Know The Guarantee The Evidence  

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What’s on this Week!

Monday 6th 12:00pm – Staff Meeting Tuesday 7th 10:00 am – CrossNet Cell @Cafe Dusk Tarrawanna 7.00 pm – CrossNet Cell @Towradgi Beach Hotel Wednesday 8th 9:30am – PlayLife – Resumes 15.7.15 Thursday 9th 10:00am – CrossNet Cell @ 2 Doors Up Fairy Meadow 10:30am – Mothers Union 7:00pm – CrossNet Cell @ Il Mondo…

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Which Type Of Leper?

I have only met a handful of lepers, or at least people who had in the past suffered from leprosy. This was in the Top End of Australia where leprosy, a terrible, maiming disease, used to be quite prevalent, indeed Darwin had a leprosarium not far from the city. Leprosy was a very common disease…

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