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Courage Under Fire 2 Timothy 1:3-14 (Martin Bragger)

Fan The Flame God’s Gift A Flickering Flame Do Not Be Timid Courage Love Wisdom Remember Why You Were Chosen God’s Fire For God’s Purpose Don’t Be Ashamed Inevitable Opposition Saved For A Holy Life For His Purpose To Be A Herald Don’t Bend It Like Beckham False ‘gospels’ Keep To ‘Sound Teaching’  

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God’s Toolshed

I have been told that a very large hardware store is planning to open just over the road from our church centre. This will be I am sure a great delight to all congregational members who are DIY ‘Tragics’, you know the people who just love browsing the ‘goodies’ in such a store. I am…

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Monday 20th 12:00pm – Staff Meeting 7:30pm – Leadership Team Meeting Tuesday 21st 10:00 am – CrossNet Cell @Cafe Dusk Tarrawanna 7.00 pm – CrossNet Cell @Towradgi Beach Hotel Wednesday 22nd 9:30am – PlayLife Please note that English For Life will not be resuming this year at CrossRoads Thursday 23rd 10:00am – CrossNet Cell @…

Creation Genesis 1:1-2:3 (Aidan Carlsson)

God The Creator The Heavens and the Earth “and it was good” The Image Bearers “image of God” “fill, subdue and rule” “and He rested…” Through The Jesus Window John 1  

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