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For many years I worked as a professional engineer in a design office in Wales in the United Kingdom. Most of my colleagues were fluent welsh speakers, a point that thoroughly irritated me because most of the time I could not understand what the office chat was about. So working on the principle of “If…

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The Tongue – An owners Manual (Martin Bragger)

James 3:1-12 # The Teaching Tongue Don’t become a teacher To guide the congregation Tongue small but great effect False Teaching “Itching Ears” Onto the rocks Right Teaching Cut to the Heart #A Weapon of Mass Destruction Satan’s Weapon A Deadly Poison Agent of False Worship A Curse One for whom Jesus died # A…

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King Canute and the Unstoppable Tide

King Canute was an English King in the 10th Century who is recorded as having governed very wisely and as having done a lot of good for his people. However, the story (legendary or not) is that he became so flattered by those around him as to his greatness that he believed he could control…

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The Faithworks Synergy

James 2:14-26 #The Brothers Faith No Value Faith Faith that doesn’t save Zombie Faith No obedience to the Royal Law Not my thing Faith shown by deeds Egghead Faith Correct theology does not save Scarecrow Faith Faith without works is empty #Have you got Synergy “working together” ALWAYS shown by fruit Not divisible #Spirit Driven…

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The Unchanging Changer

All who claim to be Christians will say they worship God The degree to which we worship God however depends on the extent to which we actually know Him-or to put it another way which ‘god’ do we actually worship? If our knowledge of God is limited, defective or distorted by our own ideas, then…

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