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Hope In A Poisoned World

A Great Tragedy No Entry! Blood Poisoning God’s Standard A Fatal Sickness A Great Change A ‘Mystery’ A Twinkling A New Body A Great Victory The Paradox Of The Cross Victory Over Death Celebration A Great Overflow Vital Signs Confidence – No Matter What! Overflow For God  

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What’s on this Week!

Monday 17th 12:00pm – Staff Meeting Tuesday 18th 10:00 am – CrossNet Cell @Cafe Dusk Tarrawanna 4:00pm – CrossNet Cell @ Towradgi Bowling Club 7.00 pm – CrossNet Cell @Towradgi Beach Hotel Wednesday 19th 9:30am – PlayLife 10:00am – ‘Another Way’ ministers and gospel workers conversation 10:00am – English For Life Thursday 20th 7.00 pm –…

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Resurrection – You Too Can Have A Heavenly Body

There are many human ‘Body types’-thin, fat, sturdy, slight etc. Most people when they look at themselves have ‘bits’ they would like to change and of course the ‘body industry’ always wants to help whether through plastic surgery, cosmetics etc. There is also the ‘spare part surgery’ option for the important ‘bits’ that don’t work…

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The Greater Gifts 1 Corinthians 14:1-25 (Martin Bragger)

God’s Design For The Church What? How? Which? Greater Gifts Build Desire Gifts – But Which? Tongues Prophecy Gifts That Edify Gifts To Excel In Fruitful Gifts Use The Mind Not The Way Of Love Fruit And The ‘Intelligible Word’ God-Glorifying Gifts Grow Up! Tongues Do Not Convict Unbelievers Prophecy Convicts Unbelievers Caused To Worship…

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Resurrection – Fact or Fiction?

In 1930 a bright lawyer named Frank Morison started to write a book which was eventually, but not initially, titled “Who Moved the Stone?”As a scientifically minded man, his belief was that miracles do not happen. His aim therefore when he started to write was to do the world a favour by trashing the myth…

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