The Event That Changed Eternity

Every now and then you will come across a book with a title something like “Events That Changed History”.  In these will be accounts of inventions, battles, discoveries which changed the course of human history.  There are plenty to choose from, for example:  The Wheel  -  Have you ever thought of where we would be […]

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Growing Up Empty

Jeff Kennett the former Premier of Victoria commented in a recent article on a trip he made to the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea, saying how he:          “was again impressed by the happiness and well-being of the Papuans we met along the way.  They are village people, with no phones, televisions, cars and, […]

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Spiritual Muscle And Facing Evil

I was listening this week to one of the radio talk back programs where the host was reflecting on a number of tragedies that he had become aware of recently.  One of which was the serious injury experienced by a young professional rugby league player last weekend, the result of which seems to be that […]

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Could It Be That Jesus Got It Wrong

Occasionally the attitudes of some churchgoing people can seem to imply that maybe Jesus got a few things wrong. What you might say? Well, you know all the stuff we associate with ‘doing church’ properly. For example it is noted that Jesus didn’t start or belong to any ‘church’, or denomination, build a ‘proper’ church […]

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Cheap Grace And The Dumbing Down Of Sin

The term ‘Cheap Grace’ was coined by the German pastor Deitrich Bonhoeffer whom I mentioned in my talk last Sunday.  Bonhoeffer sought to oppose the Nazis in World War 2 and paid for it with his life, being executed by them tragically only a few days before the war ended.  Bonhoeffer defined cheap grace as: […]

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Beyond Sunday Morning

If we are an attendee at one of our standard Sunday morning services we might be forgiven for thinking that not much changes at CrossRoads.  People leave, moving interstate, or just don’t like our style.  Others come and check us out, some stay and others move on.  Overall things seem to stay pretty much the […]

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Bible People With Anorexia

Sometime during the last decade of the first century AD, the apostle John, a Roman slave on the Greek island of Patmos, was given the vision and words to write the book of Revelation, the last book in the Bible. A section of that book contains a series of letters that are Jesus critiques of […]

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Christianity-Lite A Deadly Poison

Among the offerings in the ‘spiritual supermarket’ that is Australia today there can be found this very attractive and popular package called ‘Christianity-Lite’ (C.L.).  A characteristic of this belief system or ‘faith’ is that it is an ‘easy’ faith, a ‘comfortable’ faith where the spiritual journey is smooth and not too stressful; one into which […]

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Our World Is Not The World

In a few days we will celebrate Christmas Day, and part of that for many will be to attend a Christmas service here at CrossRoads.  We will sit in a comfortable building, on comfortable seats, and after our time of corporate worship go out and have a nice Christmas morning tea.  Following that most of […]

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A Christmas Paradox – Finding Meaning In Nothing And Nothing In Meaning

It is interesting to reflect on the coming ‘holiday season’ and its two major events, Christmas and New Year.  Particularly to reflect on their meaning—Christmas from which every attempt is being made to remove meaning and New Year into which every attempt is made to import meaning.  Firstly, it is worth noting that the current […]

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