The Stark Reality

For part of this week I have been attending the annual Diocesan Synod (Parliament) in Sydney. I admit that it is not the most exciting event on the calendar, but it does deal with some very important ‘big picture’ issues with direct impact on CrossRoads. The Synod meeting always started with an address by the […]

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Reflections On War

Over the course of this year we have again seen the development of hostilities in the middle east and Australian forces are once more involved. It is therefore an appropriate time to reflect on the topic of war because it is a vexed one among Christians, and one which always generates a range of views. […]

October 10, 2014 in Ministers Blog by

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Fair-Weather Christianity – Not

One of the many damaging aspects of the ‘Prosperity Gospel’ that is preached in some churches is that it does not prepare or enable Christians for adversity. The ‘Prosperity Gospel’ promotes the idea that if you have enough faith, pray enough, give enough money, etc, then God will bless you. These ideas are neither supported […]

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More Straws Blowing In The Wind

From time to time in this article I describe what I call ‘straws blowing in the winds’ of Australian church life. These are indicators of the health, vitality and growth of the Australian church, particularly the Anglican church. Some more ‘straws’ have become evident recently in reports submitted to the recent three yearly General Synod, […]

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Thou Shall Not Judge

Of course this statement is one of the well known ‘Ten Commandments’ handed down to the people of God by Moses, and also restated by Jesus when he talked about taking the ‘log’ out of your own eye (Matthew 7:1-5) isn’t it? Well actually ‘No’, but you would think so by the frequency Christians are […]

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Battles Fought For Us

This year there are a great number of events being held to remember the sacrifices made for us in battles of World War I, a war that has contributed much to the nation Australia is now. It is important that we remember those who sacrificed so much, particularly in the two world wars of the […]

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For The Black Times

One of the great promises of the gospel is that God guarantees to His people a life to come which is one of perfection, joy, peace, no pain, no death, no suffering or bereavement. (Revelation 21:4) However, our current life of course can often be nothing like that. The reality is that we often experience […]

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There Is Another Universe Next Door

Many, even most people often find radically new ideas, new realities hard to adjust to or even accept. This is certainly true in the scientific realm when ideas that once seemed crazy have now shown to be true (eg that an electron can be in two places at the same time). However ‘craziness’ is not […]

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Perspective and the Lost Art of Reflection

In 1969 the first moon landing took place, a venture that was a triumph for human ingenuity, cleverness, vision and skill—all attributes required for human progress in any area, and marks of humanity at its best. It was a truly great achievement. However as William Anders looked back from the vast emptiness of space and […]

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Persecution and Apathy

Christianity is an almost 2000 year old faith, and for most of those 2000 years there have been Christians in Iraq. In the 1990’s they numbered over 2 million. By last year this number had shrunk to around two hundred thousand (200,000), i.e. a reduction of 90% in twenty years. The minister of St George’s, […]

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