“And It Was Night”

It was their last meal together. The group had been on the road for about three years in a great cause, the cause of God and His Messiah. At the end of the meal one of them got up and left, and we are told “it was night”. If we read, or listen to, the […]

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Priceless But Not Valued

We like to think of ourselves as the ‘lucky’ country blessed as we are in so many ways, but also the ‘clever’ country. After all are we not highly internet savvy, with computers in the school classroom, a mobile computer in our phone, and also Facebook and Twitter-sphere adept? In addition we have ‘knowledge’ in […]

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In The Image Of Generosity

As we look at the contemporary world, it is often remarked that the people who show the most generosity are those who have the least to give. It is humbling in poorer parts of the world just how generous people who have virtually nothing are, exhibiting great hospitality even when they have barely have enough […]

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Are We Losing Our Mind

We have become very familiar nowadays with the idea of organ transplants, to the extent that even in a driving licence application we are asked whether we are willing to have our organs used for the benefit of others in the event of our death. Possible transplants, to my limited knowledge, include hearts, lungs, kidneys, […]

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Thanksgiving – For What?

At CrossRoads the month of June is normally marked as a month of Thanksgiving, which of course begs the question, Thanksgiving For What? There are a number of answers to that question. Firstly, we are approaching the 15th anniversary of the opening of the first stage of the CrossRoads building in July 1999 by Archbishop […]

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Rejoice In Diversity

The birthday of the Christian church is generally recognised as being the event that took place at the Jewish festival of Pentecost we read about in Acts 2. Here we see the commissioning of the first Christians with the coming of the Holy Spirit onto them, and then filling them, symbolised by the sound of […]

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Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God

The above is the title of a book by the famous 18th century theologian Jonathan Edwards and deals with the plight of every human who stands before God in their natural state. The topic, that God can be angry, is something that many, including some Church attendees, find quite shocking; after all isn’t God supposed […]

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Another Satanic Infection

A short while ago at CrossRoads I gave a series of Sunday talks with the title of ‘Satanic Infections’ which ran in parallel with a study series for small groups with the same title. The series covered a number of the spiritual ‘viruses’ with which Satan ‘infects’ Christians and so weakens congregational vitality, and our […]

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‘Koinonia’ And How To Break It

The word ‘Fellowship’ often found in the Bible and frequently used in church life is a translation of the New Testament word Koinonia. It means a body of people who are intimately linked, and intertwined with each other for mutual support and shared ministry in the gospel. In fact the basic meaning of the word […]

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Easter – Disappearing With A Smile

I wonder how much it is being noticed that Easter is becoming more and more like Lewis Carol’s Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland. You know the cat that slowly disappears, leaving only the cat’s smile. I remark on this after observing the media coverage of Easter this year. On many news bulletins the celebration […]

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