Quacks, Fakes and Counterfeits 2 Timothy 3:1-9 (Martin Bragger)

Beware Of The Wolf Last Days Discern The Wolves Religious Fakes Are- Unholy Lovers Of Self Jesus Without Holiness Exploit The Vulnerable Empty Powerless Powerless Church Power That Saves The Power That Gives Gifts The Power That Enables Endurance Handbrakes No Spirit Inside Bring Bondage Block New Things Once Born Corrupt Minds Not Converted The…

Courage Under Fire 2 Timothy 1:3-14 (Martin Bragger)

Fan The Flame God’s Gift A Flickering Flame Do Not Be Timid Courage Love Wisdom Remember Why You Were Chosen God’s Fire For God’s Purpose Don’t Be Ashamed Inevitable Opposition Saved For A Holy Life For His Purpose To Be A Herald Don’t Bend It Like Beckham False ‘gospels’ Keep To ‘Sound Teaching’  

Tragedy At Easter Romans 5:1-11 (Martin Bragger)

“The Void is coming.  It really is going to be a void.  There isn’t anything in there.  There’s no Heaven, there’s no hell.  Heaven and hell are all here with us now.  There’s nothing in there.  You really are going nowhere.” World At War We Have Peace If Justified Enemies With God Casualties Peace God…