Tragedy At Easter Romans 5:1-11 (Martin Bragger)

“The Void is coming.  It really is going to be a void.  There isn’t anything in there.  There’s no Heaven, there’s no hell.  Heaven and hell are all here with us now.  There’s nothing in there.  You really are going nowhere.” World At War We Have Peace If Justified Enemies With God Casualties Peace God…

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Future Shock James 4:13-17 (Martin Bragger)

The Phantom Planning Tomorrow A Reality Check Life A Mist Warning The Owner Of The Future Functional Athiests Walking With God Not A Right? God’s Agenda Goodworks And Future Shock My Evil Plans My Agenda Is Sin Goodworks Not God-works Whole Of Life Planning  

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Consuming Passions

James 4:1-10 # Destructive Passions Fights and quarrels # Passion and Prayer Danger to spiritual health Failed prayers Wrong motives # Unfaithful Passions A broken treaty Saviour, friends but also Lord World’s friends hate God A jealous God # Passion for God “There once was in Man true happiness of which remains only … and…

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The Tongue – An owners Manual (Martin Bragger)

James 3:1-12 # The Teaching Tongue Don’t become a teacher To guide the congregation Tongue small but great effect False Teaching “Itching Ears” Onto the rocks Right Teaching Cut to the Heart #A Weapon of Mass Destruction Satan’s Weapon A Deadly Poison Agent of False Worship A Curse One for whom Jesus died # A…

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The Faithworks Synergy

James 2:14-26 #The Brothers Faith No Value Faith Faith that doesn’t save Zombie Faith No obedience to the Royal Law Not my thing Faith shown by deeds Egghead Faith Correct theology does not save Scarecrow Faith Faith without works is empty #Have you got Synergy “working together” ALWAYS shown by fruit Not divisible #Spirit Driven…