When God Takes Holidays Psalm 13 (Martin Bragger)

Reason Lies In God Not God’s Will Not For God’s Glory Not Part Of God’s Greater Plan Not God’s Timing Not God’s Choice Reason Lies With Us God Is Not An Insurance Co Wrong Motives Necessary For Our Ministry Our Sin Attitude To Others The Turning Point The Light Goes On Covenant Love Called For…

People Of The Light John 3:16-21 (Martin Bragger)

God’s Presence God Is Light ‘I Am The Light’ Light Exposes Society People In Darkness A Great Light Godlessness Condemnation Of The Prophets God’s Verdict People Of Light No Longer In Darkness God At Work Regenerated Transformed Reorientated Agents Of Revival Light Bearers  

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Hope In A Poisoned World

A Great Tragedy No Entry! Blood Poisoning God’s Standard A Fatal Sickness A Great Change A ‘Mystery’ A Twinkling A New Body A Great Victory The Paradox Of The Cross Victory Over Death Celebration A Great Overflow Vital Signs Confidence – No Matter What! Overflow For God  

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The Greater Gifts 1 Corinthians 14:1-25 (Martin Bragger)

God’s Design For The Church What? How? Which? Greater Gifts Build Desire Gifts – But Which? Tongues Prophecy Gifts That Edify Gifts To Excel In Fruitful Gifts Use The Mind Not The Way Of Love Fruit And The ‘Intelligible Word’ God-Glorifying Gifts Grow Up! Tongues Do Not Convict Unbelievers Prophecy Convicts Unbelievers Caused To Worship…