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Consuming Passions

James 4:1-10 # Destructive Passions Fights and quarrels # Passion and Prayer Danger to spiritual health Failed prayers Wrong motives # Unfaithful Passions A broken treaty Saviour, friends but also Lord World’s friends hate God A jealous God # Passion for God “There once was in Man true happiness of which remains only … and…

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The Tongue – An owners Manual (Martin Bragger)

James 3:1-12 # The Teaching Tongue Don’t become a teacher To guide the congregation Tongue small but great effect False Teaching “Itching Ears” Onto the rocks Right Teaching Cut to the Heart #A Weapon of Mass Destruction Satan’s Weapon A Deadly Poison Agent of False Worship A Curse One for whom Jesus died # A…

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The Faithworks Synergy

James 2:14-26 #The Brothers Faith No Value Faith Faith that doesn’t save Zombie Faith No obedience to the Royal Law Not my thing Faith shown by deeds Egghead Faith Correct theology does not save Scarecrow Faith Faith without works is empty #Have you got Synergy “working together” ALWAYS shown by fruit Not divisible #Spirit Driven…

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A little less conversation, a little more action please!

James 1:19-2:13 #Listen Develop the Mind of Christ #Just Do It Not a new problem Don’t just listen.  DO IT! Ignoring the mirror The mirror of the perfect law The tongue test Worthless Religion Religion God accepts A hospitality comparison #Action is Love No favourites Where would Jesus spend time? Look who god chooses Action…

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Wisdom For Living In A Pagan World James 1:1-18 (Martin Bragger)

James 1:1-18 Wisdom For The Battle Rejoice Suffering For Christ Perseverance A Sign Of Blessing   God’s Sat-Nav Christian Dilemmas Prayer For The Battle   Let Go Of The Wheel Let Go and Trust God Don’t Be ‘Double-Minded’   Tests Of Faith Poverty Wealth Focus On The Ultimate Prize Internal Temptations Don’t Blame God The…

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When God Takes Holidays Psalm 13 (Martin Bragger)

Reason Lies In God Not God’s Will Not For God’s Glory Not Part Of God’s Greater Plan Not God’s Timing Not God’s Choice Reason Lies With Us God Is Not An Insurance Co Wrong Motives Necessary For Our Ministry Our Sin Attitude To Others The Turning Point The Light Goes On Covenant Love Called For…

People Of The Light John 3:16-21 (Martin Bragger)

God’s Presence God Is Light ‘I Am The Light’ Light Exposes Society People In Darkness A Great Light Godlessness Condemnation Of The Prophets God’s Verdict People Of Light No Longer In Darkness God At Work Regenerated Transformed Reorientated Agents Of Revival Light Bearers