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Into The Night – John 12: 27–36

Into The Night – John 12: 27–36 Darkness Flees A Mystery I Am The Light Not Overcome SPF 50+ A Society In Darkness Blind Darkened Hearts We Like It! Son-Rise Son-Rise Brings Change Revelation Reorientation Revitalisation Reformation Revival

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Worshipping God or the Past?

Today we make available to members draft copies of CrossRoads’ ‘Vision 2015’.  We have had a Vision at this church for the last ten years however it is never the same.  CrossRoads’ Vision 2015, like all its predecessors, is a  living and changing document, reviewed every year, and always covering the five years ahead.  Vision […]

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Check Your Diet! – John 6: 25-40

Check Your Diet! – John 6:25 – 40 Focus On The Eternal Therapeutic Political Material Prosperity Things That Endure The Work Of God Food That Satisfies God’s Name The Bread Of Life Anorexic Aussies The Faith Enzyme A Specialist Diet The Bread That Gives Life Take Into Yourself Trusting Faith Spiritual Indigestion Too Tough! The […]

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Saints – Back to Basics

If you take a walk down Broad St in Oxford, England (mostly known for its   ancient university and also the place where C.S. Lewis wrote the Narnia series) you will come to a plaque set in the roadway.  This marks the spot where  Bishops Ridley and Latimer, and the Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Cranmer were […]

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The Alpha Course

Asking Questions? Looking for Answers? The Alpha course is an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian Faith in a relaxed manner over 8 thought provoking sessions. It is low ley, friendly & fun and there is no cost! It is supported by all the main Christian denominations. Over 13 million worldwide have already found […]

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Critical Times & Exciting Times

From this week it’s full-on again at CrossRoads CC. School is back and so are all our normal activities, groups, courses, meetings etc at CrossRoads centre, as well as our activities in the community, schools ministries and so on. It is a particularly exciting time because there are new things, new ventures, new initiatives, new […]

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Church As We Haven’t Known It (Part 3)

We live in momentous times, times in turmoil under the world changing mega-trends that are operating. Mega-trends such as the globalisation of communications and trade, the shift of economic and political domination from the West to the East, the centre of gravity of the Christian church moving from the North to the South, the collapse […]

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Jonah 4: 1-11 (Murray Wale)

Jonah 4:1 – 11 Jonah’s Repentance Nineveh’s Repentance Jonah’s Salvation The Sign Of Jonah (Matthew 12:39-41) Our Commission

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Jonah 1: 1 – 16

Jonah 1: 1 – 16 Jonah’s Commission Jonah’s Disobedience The End Of Jonah?

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