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Our Children – Will They Have The Faith That Saves

On November 18th, 1827, a sixteen year old Henry Alford wrote this in his Bible: “I do this day, as in the presence of God and my own soul, renew my covenant with God, and solemnly determine           henceforth to become His,  and to do His work as far as in me lies.” Many people of […]

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Connected – John 15:1-17 (Martin Bragger)

Connected – John 15:1-17 (Martin Bragger) The True Vine Genuine False A God Principle Expect to Be Pruned! A God-Principle Not Enough! Pruned! Are You Connected? Remain! Great News! The Ek-Klesia The Sign Of Discipleship Dead Wood Removed Signs Of Connection Prayers Glory Obedience Salt Light Make Disciples Joy Sacrifice Thanksgiving

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CrossNet – A Celebration

CrossNet, which the flyer in our church foyer describes as a “Parallel Church for a New Age”, has now been in existence for around twelve months.  To mark this we will be holding a celebration at 5pm next Sunday, with a short service including testimonies on what God has been doing. CrossNet, is a church […]

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The Paradox Of Desire | Luke 12:13-21 (Martin Bragger)

The Paradox Of Desire Luke 12:13-21 (Martin Bragger) Desire Less and More Guard Against Greed Life is NOT About Stuff Me – Central Success Brings Choice It’s All About Me The Biblical Principle Gifts or Possessions God’s Verdict The Fool! The Organising Principle When The Thread Breaks The Fool and His ‘Treasure’ God – Centric […]

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Pirates Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the ship not a creature was stirring not even one bit, but please come along and join Axel’s crew and join in the fun, the Christmas way!! Starring ‘Axel’ When: Friday 16th December 6:00pm Dinner (Cost: $5 per person) Show starts 7:30pm RSVP: 12th December Contact: Lorna […]

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Hey Big Spender – Luke 10:25-37 (Martin Bragger)

Hey Big Spender – Luke 10:25-37 (Martin Bragger) Love Of God A Test Question A Mark Of A Disciple The Essential Link Shocking Love God’s Reasonable Isn’t He? Limiting Love Who Is My Neighbour The Real Issue A Mugging Story An Obscenity Radical Love A Big Spender Love Spends Cost – Time Inconvenience Money Eternal […]

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Another Straw Blowing In The Wind

Jesus accused the religious leaders of his time of being unable to read the ‘signs of the times’ (Matthew 16:3).  By this he meant the signs of what God was doing, in particular through him, Jesus.  Christians of all people, because we should be seeing things through Jesus’ eyes, should be able to discern the […]

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A Call To Arms – Luke 9:51-62 (Martin Bragger)

A Call To Arms – Luke 9:51-62 (Martin Bragger) Inspirational Speeches An Uncomfortable Truth  Comfortable Religion Would Be Disciple 1 No Comfort Against The Powers A Priority Shift! Leave Home! Would Be Disciple 2 When Dad Dies The Shocking Jesus A Soldier’s Priority  Get Focussed!  All For The War Effort Would Be Disciple 3 Useless […]

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It All Goes Back In The Box

One of the board games that I played growing up was Monopoly, in fact I played it so much (too much) that now I am completely over it.  It is not a game I particularly want to play.  Another reason I am not keen is that my experience is that the ‘winner takes all’ object […]

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Make a Gingerbread House!

Bring your family or a group of friends for a delicious afternoon tea while you decorate your very own gingerbread house to take home for Christmas! When:   Sunday 11th December 4pm Where: at CrossRoads Christian Community Cost: $25 (payment required by 21st Nov) (includes a gingerbread house with all the trimmings, afternoon tea and a […]

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