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Soul Partners Philippians 1:1-8 (Martin Bragger)

Prayer To The ‘Saints’ Intertwined Not An Email Prayer For Soul Partners Thankfulness Thanks For Whom? Time Consuming Joy Gospel Partnership Commonality Of Life & Purpose Deep Relationships Shown by Service Evidence Of The Spirit A Work In Progress Hearts Intertwined Hold You In My Heart Horror!  Emotion! A Reshaped Heart ‘Hiraeth’ Extreme Emtion

Why Small Is Beautiful

For over a decade now CrossRoads has had a strong policy of  encouraging all members to belong to a small group, indeed one of our descriptors is that we are a ‘Church of Small Groups’.  Because of this, in order to hold any significant ministry position at CrossRoads, e.g. service leading, Leadership Team member, musician…

No Time To Stand And Stare

I remember a few years ago standing on my own in the church where my great grandmother used to attend.  It is only a very small rural church out in the paddocks, a very old stone building where people have worshipped for over 1000 years, just mindblowing to think about that length of time.  Afterwards…