If you need to contact any staff or team members, please phone the office on (02) 4285 5011, or use our contact form.

Ministry Team

  • Rev. Dr. Martin J. Bragger (Senior Minister)
  • Aidan Carlsson (Assistant Minister)
  • Margaret Archer (SRE and children’s Ministry Coordinator)
  • Alisoun Larkin (Office Administrator)

Leadership Team

  • Tracey Downy
  • Paul Daley
  • Ann Trotter
  • Rod Larkin
  • Meagan Winter
  • Rob Robertson

Parish Wardens

  • Rob Robertson
  • Rod Larkin
  • Meagan Winter

Other Ministry Contacts

  • Aidan Carlsson (Hub, Growth Groups, Youth Ministry, CrossNet Cafe)
  • June Spriggs (Pastoral Care Coordinator)
  • Paul Daley (Treasurer)
  • Margaret Archer (SRE, OASIS, Children’s Ministry Coordinator)
  • Alisoun Larkin (Music Ministry Coordinator)
  • Janelle Humphrey (CrossNet Playlife Coordinator)
  • Lorna Robertson (Catering)
  • Rod Larkin (Audio Ministry)

Roster Coordinators

  • Nancy Kahabka (8am)
  • Alisoun Larkin (10am)
  • Aidan Carlsson (7pm)

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