It is part of the CrossRoads CC vision that we become a Church for the 21st century. This means that we need to develop a different model of doing church focused on non-churched people. Some of the characteristics of such a church are that it is:

  • Outwardly focussed – God is an outreaching God and we must reflect this characteristic of His love by emphasising outreach to the community.
  • Flexible – The society of tomorrow will be very different from that of today , and this change is taking place at a very fast rate. We as a church need to be aware of the constant change in the environment in which we are called to serve God, and this means that we need to be a “becoming church”; constantly becoming the church God wants us to be so we are effective in an ever changing society. For this to happen Flexibility in our attitudes, structures and ministries needs to be a hallmark of the church.
  • A Community – One of the major, and tragic, characteristics of contemporary society is the fragmentation and loss of Community. Christians are called to be the Image of God , and one of the dimensions of this is to reflect the Communal nature of the Godhead, the Trinity, for God is a community. Thus we must work hard at the communal nature of the church so that we are a community which others are attracted to join.

THE Key Strategy of the Parish Vision in order to develop these emphases is to be a Church of Small Groups rather than just a church with small groups; thus the “Growth Group” ministry is envisaged to be the key strategy for church growth and maturity at CrossRoads CC, as well as being intended as the primary vehicle for our pastoral (community) care activities.

In our groups, we study the bible, pray for one another and the wider world, sing, enjoy great community or fellowship, provide a forum where the God-given gifts of members can be recognised and developed for the building up of the congregation and enjoy supper/morning tea. Each of our groups is involved in a ministry together – whether that be cleaning, serving, cooking, running church, mowing, gardening etc. All of our groups are involved in and are expected to run evangelistic activities. These are many and varied as each group is varied.

We have in excess of twenty Growth Groups that meet at various times and places around Wollongong. Some meet in the evening, others in the morning. There are mixed groups, mens groups, womens groups and youth groups. Oftentimes our Growth Groups will dovetail their studies in conjunction with the current sermon series, at other times, they will study what is relevant to the members of the group.