CrossNet – a model of church to reach our neighbours.

CrossNet is a network of groups that seek to reach out to people in our community with the good news of Jesus by meeting together in public places.

  • Stand Alone Christian Fellowships

CrossNet cells are small stand-alone Christian fellowships: public meetings in the name of Christ, for Biblical learning, prayer and pastoral care.

  • Flexible

CrossNet cells are informal gatherings that meet mostly in public places be outwardly focussed, culturally aware and flexible.  CrossNet cells are able to be placed wherever needed, at any time in the week and can be moved and changed whenever required.

  • Adaptable

CrossNet cells can also be adapted to match some of the ‘Tribes’, or cultural groups, that  make up multi-cultural Australia.  This gospel-driven flexibility has been a feature of mission-hearted churches since the time of Jesus.


Upcoming CrossNet Cell Meetings