Church as we haven’t known it for a society as we haven’t known it.

CrossNet is a network of ‘boutique’ cells and groups that are churches in their own right, in effect a Cell Church Network operating separately from but in parallel with, and linked to, the CrossRoads centre on Jardine St.



  • Stand Alone Christian Fellowships

Such networks are not new, the New Testament church was one of them and   they have existed around the world ever since.  CrossNet cells and groups are   intended to be small stand-alone Christian fellowships that meet the basic     fundamentals of ‘church’ i.e. public meetings in the name of Christ, for Biblical   learning, prayer and pastoral care.

  • Flexible

CrossNet cells are very informal gatherings that meet mostly in public places in   order to meet some of the main goals of CrossRoads Vision, namely to be Outwardly Focussed, Culturally Aware and Flexible.  Indeed CrossNet cells are   able to be placed wherever needed, at any time in the week and can be moved   and changed whenever required to be.

  • Adaptable

They can also be adapted to match some of the ‘Tribes’, or cultural groups, that   make up multi-cultural Australia.  This gives a flexibility impossible with the   standard church model, for ‘congregations’ as we know them are very difficult   to either change or move.

Below is a slideshow video highlighting some of our CrossNet activities.


Upcoming CrossNet Cell Meetings

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