CrossRoads Christian Community is a part of the Anglican Church of Australia, Diocese of Sydney.

The way the parish is organised flows from the Parish Administration Ordinance (2008) of the Anglican Church. (A copy of this document is available by clicking here).

The Wardens of the parish are responsible for the finances and property of the parish.  Our current wardens are Jeff Kingman, Rod Larkin and Rob Robertson.

The Parish Council determine policy, approve budgets and authorise payments of the church.  At the moment, our parish council consists of the wardens and the senior minister.

Since 2010, the parish of Fairy Meadow have decided, at the AGM each year, to have a Leadership Team, of which the Senior Minister is not a member. The fivefold role of this group is to

i. Develop Global Policies.

ii. Monitor the state of the church through reports by the Senior Minister.

iii. Monitor the performance of the Senior Minister, in accordance with any reasonable interpretation of the Senior Minister Limitations policies.

iv. Develop, implement and oversee the nomination process for the Leadership team

v. Annually Review, Revise and Reshape CrossRoads Vision in conjunction with the Senior Minister

There are six members of the Leadership Team. Two are elected each year for a three-year term. Our current Leadership Team members (year of election in brackets) are Margaret Johnson (2017), Martins Silins (2017), Paul Daley (2016), Ann Trotter (2016), Meagan Winter (2015) and Rod Larkin (2015).

To find out what happens at our AGM, please click here.