Be Careful What You Pray For! Revelation 19 (Martin Bragger)

The Kingdom Of Evil McWorld And Its King The Evils Of McWorld The Blindness Of McWorld The End Of McWorld The Wedding Of The King Your Wedding Day! The Truly Blessed The Victorious Kingdom The Judge The King The Cost The Word The Commander Final Judgement The Kingdom Comes  

Mind Games Nehemiah 6:1-16 (Martin Bragger)

“Mental confusion, indecisiveness, panic – these are our weapons.” (Adolf Hitler) “This is our strategy – to sow fear, confusion, distraction.” (Screwtape) Knock Off The Leader Compromise Poison Pen Discredit Commitment & Prayer “Our greatest ally is the church, not the one spread out throughout time and space, terrible as an army with banners, but…

A Beautiful Community Nehemiah 5 (Martin Bragger)

An Ugly Community God Their Lover An Image Of Love An Ugly Image A Silent Witness Witness To Evil Righteous Anger Trampling God’s Name Chosen To Be Light Special Care For Congregation Just Is Beautiful Reflect God’s Nature An Example Of Justice God’s Expectation A Beautiful Community Just Shine Give Up Rights God’s Desire