Wisdom For Living In A Pagan World James 1:1-18 (Martin Bragger)

James 1:1-18 Wisdom For The Battle Rejoice Suffering For Christ Perseverance A Sign Of Blessing   God’s Sat-Nav Christian Dilemmas Prayer For The Battle   Let Go Of The Wheel Let Go and Trust God Don’t Be ‘Double-Minded’   Tests Of Faith Poverty Wealth Focus On The Ultimate Prize Internal Temptations Don’t Blame God The…

Which Soil Are You? Mark 4:1-20 (Josh Reid)

The Controlling Idea 4 Types Of Soils Spiritually Blind (and deaf) Bats One Hit Wonders Fruitless Religiousness Fruitful Seeds What Do We Do Then? Kingdom People My Burden Is Light Which Soil Are You?  

When God Takes Holidays Psalm 13 (Martin Bragger)

Reason Lies In God Not God’s Will Not For God’s Glory Not Part Of God’s Greater Plan Not God’s Timing Not God’s Choice Reason Lies With Us God Is Not An Insurance Co Wrong Motives Necessary For Our Ministry Our Sin Attitude To Others The Turning Point The Light Goes On Covenant Love Called For…