reformation 500

God’s Glory Alone – Psalm 8 (Roger Fitzhardinge)

Reformation 500 Series Faith Alone Grace Alone Scripture Alone Christ Alone God’s Glory Alone The Father’s Glory Psalm 8 Isaiah 42:1-9 Exodus 33:7-23 The Son’s Glory 2 Corinthians 4 Hebrews 1 John 1:14-18 John 17:1-5 (the cross as the pinnacle of glory) The Children’s Glory Romans 8:15-18 Romans 8:28-30 James 2:2-4 (our glorious brothers and…

reformation 500

By Faith Alone Romans 1:1-16

Reformation 500 Faith Alone Grace Alone Christ Alone Scripture Alone God’s Glory Alone Definitions As Reactions What is the Gospel? Promised in the Old Testament Regarding Jesus Human Proved to be God by the Resurrection Newsflash: Jesus is the Christ our Lord Responding to the Gospel Grace Faith Obedience Christian Identity Joined by Faith Unashamed…

Ephesians 6:1-24 (Deryck Howell)

Let Jesus’ Headship and the Church’s Submission Shape You Kids Dads Slaves, masters – One Master Climax and Context Finally Strong In The Lord Able To Stand Firm Alert and Prayerful