Bread, Water, Healing

Resting With Jesus Responding To Sheep The Problem: No Shops The Solution: Bread From Heaven Rest For Jesus On Land And Sea Rowing Race Know Jesus, No Fear The Real Problem Recognising Jesus  

Herod Hears The Gospel – Mark 6:14-29 (Roger Fitzhardinge)

Last Time: Familiarity breeds contempt, the 12 sent out to preach This Time: Herod’s response to Jesus Herod’s Hearing Herod’s Power Herod’s Weakness Shadows Of Jesus For Your Consideration How are you hearing? Who are you fearing? Your response to Jesus? Next Time: Got any bread?  

The Heart Of Jesus’ Teaching Mark 6:1-13 (Roger Fitzhardinge)

Why Evangelism Is Hard An Amazing Sandwich Amazed at Jesus Taking Offense at Jesus Familiarity breeds contempt No Faith, No Miracles I couldn’t possibly… Jesus Amazed Matthew 8:10 Sending of the Twelve Jesus’ mission Jesus’ instructions The message The response to the message… Our Response Turn Back to God! Don’t be surprised