Something Far Better Mark 1:40-2:12 (Deryck Howell)

‘I’ve God Something Far Better’ Kingdom Nearness Time – Kingdom – Repent and Believe Opposition Tackling Healing Compassion Sternness Healing Confusion What Priority? Desperation – Determination – Dependence Blasphemy! Real Authority The Toughest Question  

The Beginning Of The End Mark 1:21-39 (Deryck Howell)

Creatures Of Habit I Will Make You Fishers Of People Watching Time – Kingdom – Gospel Follow Me! Fishing For People Authority Compassion Priority Issues For Today History? Evil? Human Need? Priorities? As You Begin, So Will You Finish?  

How It All Began Mark 1:1-13 (Deryck Howell)

What Can We Say About Jesus Christ? In The Beginning Prophets And Prophecy Isaiah And Malachi So? John The Baptiser So? The Gears Start Crunching Jesus – Nazareth – Galilee – Baptised God – Psalm 2 – Isaiah 42 Satan The Gospel About Jesus Christ The Son Of God  

Better Call Saul? 1 Samuel 10 (Deryck Howell)

Visions And Strategies The Word Of God To Saul The Lord’s Anointed Three Signs Two Men Tabor Spirit Subordinate The Word Of God In Saul Done Said The Gospel Of The Kingdom The Word Of God And The Kingdom God’s Commitment God’s Choice God’s Way The Word Of The Kingdom And CrossRoads