The Walk To The Cross Mark 10:17-52 (Roger Fitzhardinge)

Doing The Impossible Who’s a good boy? What was lacking? Hard for the rich Hard for children Camels and needles We’ve Left Everything! Facing Jerusalem Jesus Astonished Afraid Betrayed, condemned, handed over, mocked, spat on, flogged, killed, risen What do you want Jesus to do for you? Drinking the cup Being baptised Bartimaeus – the…

When The Kingdom Comes With Power Mark 8:27-9:1 (Roger Fitzhardinge)

Your Best Life Now Who Is Jesus What Kind Of Christ? Suffering Rejected Killed Raised Plain Responses To The Christ The Things Of God The Things Of Men Ways Of Thinking About Following Jesus Self-denial And The Cross Losing Your Life Losing The World, Saving Your Soul Unashamed Your Best Life Now: The Kingdom With…

It’s A Sign – Mark 8:1-13 (Roger Fitzhardinge)

Intro: Just Give Me A Sign! Feeding Thousands: Haven’t We Seen This Before? Similarities Differences The Point Asking God For A Sign Biblical Precedent Is It Really The Truth? (An Aside About Signs) The Big Question: Who Do You Say That I Am?    

Crumbs Mark 7:24-37 (Roger Fitzhardinge)

Intro: Getting what you deserve  PART I What’s happening?            A dead daughter (7:24-30)   The deaf & mute guy healed (7:31-37)   Where’s it happening?            Tyre & the Ten Cities (7:24, 31)   How do they come to Jesus?            They know he’s there (7:24, 32)   In danger (25, 32)   Desperate…

Bread, Water, Healing

Resting With Jesus Responding To Sheep The Problem: No Shops The Solution: Bread From Heaven Rest For Jesus On Land And Sea Rowing Race Know Jesus, No Fear The Real Problem Recognising Jesus  

Herod Hears The Gospel – Mark 6:14-29 (Roger Fitzhardinge)

Last Time: Familiarity breeds contempt, the 12 sent out to preach This Time: Herod’s response to Jesus Herod’s Hearing Herod’s Power Herod’s Weakness Shadows Of Jesus For Your Consideration How are you hearing? Who are you fearing? Your response to Jesus? Next Time: Got any bread?  

The Heart Of Jesus’ Teaching Mark 6:1-13 (Roger Fitzhardinge)

Why Evangelism Is Hard An Amazing Sandwich Amazed at Jesus Taking Offense at Jesus Familiarity breeds contempt No Faith, No Miracles I couldn’t possibly… Jesus Amazed Matthew 8:10 Sending of the Twelve Jesus’ mission Jesus’ instructions The message The response to the message… Our Response Turn Back to God! Don’t be surprised