Life After Death 4 Matthew 25:31-46 (Deryck Howell)

Our Questions As Christians here on earth knowing we are already saved will we stand before God in judgement for all our sins? Re hell – is it separation from God or burning fire?  As life is impossible without God, surely death means separation from God, not life in a burning fire. Jesus Coming To…

Life After Death – Real Glory Revelation 21 (Deryck Howell)

Our Questions Will my children be in heaven even if I was a non-Christian when they died and they were miscarriages? If there will be a new heaven and a new earth, who will live on the new earth?  Will we be able to move between the two? If Jesus is preparing a place for…

Something Far Better Mark 1:40-2:12 (Deryck Howell)

‘I’ve God Something Far Better’ Kingdom Nearness Time – Kingdom – Repent and Believe Opposition Tackling Healing Compassion Sternness Healing Confusion What Priority? Desperation – Determination – Dependence Blasphemy! Real Authority The Toughest Question  

The Beginning Of The End Mark 1:21-39 (Deryck Howell)

Creatures Of Habit I Will Make You Fishers Of People Watching Time – Kingdom – Gospel Follow Me! Fishing For People Authority Compassion Priority Issues For Today History? Evil? Human Need? Priorities? As You Begin, So Will You Finish?