Being a Christian is hard.

At Fairy Meadow, one of the ways that we help each other to live as disciples of Jesus is by committing to meeting with each other regularly.

For some people, this means being a part of a small group. This is a group of 4-12 people who meet either at church or in someone’s house each week to read the Bible, pray for one another and encourage each other as they grow in their faith.

Would you like to join a small group?

Great! Chat to one of our team after church on a Sunday and we’ll help you find a group that works for you. We have all kinds of groups – some that meet during the day, some at night. We have groups just for men or women, as well as mixed groups.

If your situation or schedule means that you’d rather meet up with someone from church one-to-one, we’re flexible and keen to make it work! Talk to us and we’ll find something that suits you.