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Last Episode: Who, Where, What Deuteronomy 3:21-4:40 (Roger Fitzhardinge)

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Picking Up The History Lesson

  • At That Time
  • Two Kings Defeated
  • Learn Your Lesson

The Heart Of The Message: Hear and Follow

Results Of The Life Of Faith

  • Live (not die)
  • Live In The Land
  • Show The Nations What God Is Like

Be Careful!

  • Watch Yourself
  • Teach Your Children

Remember The Day God Spoke To You

  • No Form – A Voice
  • His Covenant
  • The Pull Of Idolatry

Moses’ Future

The Jealousy Of God

The Future Of God’s People

  • Failure
  • Judgement
  • Turning & Seeking
  • Mercy

Moses’ Conclusion

  • Acknowledge
  • Take To Heart

Where Is Jesus In This?



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