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Lyrics of the Soul – Seven Psalms for the Saints – Psalm 39 (Deryck Howell)

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Jesus Wept

  • Trivialising God and Life
  • What Jesus Learned

Psalm 39: “It is as it is”

  • Lament Psalms – A Surprise
  • Reality Check – Personal and Universal
  • NO Immunity for Believers

Psalm 39: Protest Withheld

Psalm 39: Inconvenient Truths

  • Learning From The Obvious
  • Short
  • Bare
  • Learning From God

Psalm 39: Why Does God Bother?

  • What is Man?
  • Why Bother?

Psalm 39: That’s It!

  • Heavy Hand Of God
  • A  Bit Of Light

Psalm 39: The Background Of The Son Of David

  • Reality
  • Jesus Wept. Jesus Was Silent. Jesus Suffered.
  • AND Changes Everything

Learning About Jesus

Learning Like Jesus


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